“In times of drought, maintaining golf is criminal,” says Climáximo in a statement.

According to the movement, the six young activists entered the Oeiras golf course, at around 12:00, with hoes and dozens of vegetables and trees to “inaugurate an urban agroforestry garden for food production”.

The initiative, reinforces the collective, serves to “stop the crime of continuing to use energy resources and water to maintain golf courses during the climate crisis and farmers' protests over lack of water”.

Planting a variety of horticultural species and indigenous trees, the young people tried to show how people can “build a world based on real interests and needs, stop criminal and inappropriate consumption by the super-rich, and give new purposes to places that currently are of restricted access to the elites who are most to blame for the climate crisis”.

Climáximo states that “the increase in food prices due to the impacts of the climate crisis through drought is clearly felt and compromises people’s access to essential food items”.

“We are in the 10th hottest consecutive month ever, we are facing drought in agricultural and forestry land and the emptying of dams, rivers and ponds, leaving hundreds of farmers across the country in distress, with protests less than a week ago in the Algarve ”, highlighted group spokesperson Leonor Canadas, quoted in the statement.

For Leonor Canadas, the “capitalist elites” continue their normal lives, contributing “disproportionately to the worsening of the drought that is being felt”.

“The elites who enjoy this type of leisure are the same ones who have consumption levels and patterns that result in greenhouse gas emissions of abysmal intensity, compared to the vast majority of the population – the richest 10% produce half of greenhouse gas emissions. CO2, globally and also within a country”.

“In an emergency situation like the one we are experiencing, there can be no doubt about which consumption to prioritize: luxury consumption and consumption without social utility and with a major impact in terms of emissions, use of fresh water and destruction of ecosystems, must end immediately ”, she added.

Contacted by the Lusa agency, the PSP Lisbon Metropolitan Command indicated that the activists fled after the protests, with no arrests being made.