Experts advise taxpayers to start the filing process early to avoid any last-minute rush and to maximize potential deductions and credits. This year, as in previous years, taxpayers have the option to file electronically, which can expedite the process and ensure accuracy.

Importantly, despite what many people came to believe, all expats under the NHR scheme continue to benefit from it and are able to apply NHR to their streams of income.

No other firm files more expat tax returns than Fresh Portugal, a specialist expat tax consultancy representing hundreds of expats, and the creators of the MyTaxes tax calculator.

Rebecca Castro, head of the tax filing practice at Fresh Portugal, commented to The Portugal News:

“This year, there are changes with the introduction of short-term capital gains taxation that matches other countries, crypto taxation and other issues.“

Fresh Portugal’s MyTaxes tax calculator is designed to streamline the tax filing procedure using simple options and plain English. All tax returns are then reviewed and checked by a specialist tax lawyer of the Fresh Portugal family before submission. This year, for the first time, the service from Fresh Portugal and the software cover, in addition to Portugal only tax filings, also tax filings in Portugal and the US.