Many little ones make a big one. That is the principle behind Teaming.

Sponsor your favourite charity by donating 1€/month. Peanuts for you, isn’t it? But when there is a multitude of people doing the same thing, then it becomes big for us.

Friends of Canil de Portimão have existed for 13 years now and are connected to the Canil Municipal in Portimão to take care of and find homes for the dogs and cats in the Algarve and abroad. We have been able to rehome about 350 dogs and 100 cats yearly. We provide food, medical care, vet visits, surgeries, anti-tick and deworming medication every month, and - very important - sterilizations.

All this we have to pay from donations. Also, we organise charity events like charity lunches, pub quizzes, and online auctions.

Teaming is just one more tool to help us help the animals!

We would very much appreciate your participation.

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