This recognition places PDA among the top contenders from a pool of over 700 international animal charities. The nomination is a testament to the small charity’s tireless efforts in managing and caring for feral cat colonies throughout the Algarve district.

"We were humbled to receive the news," says PDA founder, Gabi. "While the award itself is a great honour, the real prize is the exposure it brings. We receive no government funding and rely on volunteers, so we desperately need the support and donations of the Algarve community to continue our vital work."

PDA provides food, sterilization, and veterinary care to ensure the health and well-being of street cats. They also offer support and guidance to individuals who choose to adopt stray cats. This video explains their story.

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The Animal Star Awards ceremony will be held later this year. Regardless of the final outcome, PDA is grateful for the recognition and hopes it will inspire the Algarve community to support their ongoing efforts.