Dorival's presence was mostly associated with four players, according to Maisfutebol: David Neres, Wendell, Galeno, and Pepê. Nonetheless, he seized the chance to jot down specific notes on two other names: Matheus Magalhães and Evanilson.

In the two disputed matches, there were four more Brazilians on the field: Arthur Cabral, Marcos Leonardo, Otávio Ataíde, and Vítor Carvalho. However, the examination of the quartet on the spot was not part of the original plan.

When Dorival Júnior was accompanied by former international Juan, a former central defender for Flamengo, Leverkusen, and Roma who is currently the director of the Brazilian Football Confederation, he had the good fortune to witness five goals scored by Brazilians: David Neres and Marcos Leonardo twice, Evanilson and Pepê no Dragão.

Notably, two former Benfica players, Artur Moraes and Jonas, met the Brazilian team's delegation in Lisbon. Rui Costa, the president of Red President, had the honour of introducing himself to everyone before the match versus Braga.

Portugal's representatives in Brazil's most recent call-up were Wendell, Galeno, and Pepê, for friendly matches against Spain and England in March. Given the matches with Mexico and the United States in June, the next call is set for May.


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