Learn what to do, what not to do, how to do it, and how to avoid the overwhelm along the way. Plus, get expert tips and insider secrets so you can stop dreaming about moving to Portugal and start executing your Portugal plan.

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This year’s summit will bring back some fan favorites as well as introduce some fresh faces in the speaker lineup. Topics include everything from understanding taxes in a post-NHR era, the legalities of buying property, and how to future-proof your finances to navigating cross-cultural and language learning challenges, schooling and healthcare systems, and adapting to life in a new country. And so much more!

The breadth and depth of the knowledge shared is truly unbelievable.

Notable speakers this year include but are not limited to:

• Tom Pessôa, Cascais Real Estate Specialist | Inside Cascais

• Colleen King-Showalter, Relocation Specialist | Portugal The Place

• Dr. Michael Averbukh, Healthcare Concierge Specialist | Serenity Care

• Deborah Dahab, Expat Coach | Expat Journey Program

• Anita da Silva, Portuguese Teacher | Portuguese w/ Anita

• John McNertney, Wealth Management Specialist | Green Ocean Global Advisors

• Ruben Tordjman, Expat and Founder | Anchorless

• Zeev Fisher, Daniel Russo, and Manuella Sena, Expat Consultants | Fresh Portugal

• Zach Gerth, Relocation Specialist | Start Abroad

• and many more

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With 30+ speakers covering every topic under the Portuguese sun, you can be sure to get your questions about moving to Portugal answered in just 4 days so you can stop wasting hours and hours on research and start actually planning your move to Portugal.

During the summit's 35 talks and panel discussions, attendees will get action-packed tips, unique insights, and advice on topics covering health and wellness, taxes and finances, visas and immigration, housing and real estate, family and education, lifestyle and culture, and more.

Additionally, attendees can connect with fellow future expats and speakers in a private Facebook group, take advantage of exclusive resources and discounts provided by the speakers, get access to tons of bonus content, and even take part in a LIVE beginner Portuguese lesson.

The best part? It’s completely FREE to attend. Plus you can get 10% OFF the VIP package when you use promo code ALLY10OFF.

“A must-attend event to clear up any confusion, learn about key steps and services, and obtain an expert perspective on your future life in Portugal,” said Portugal Plan sponsor and co-founder of Anchorless, Ruben Tordjman. “Learn from a superb team of trusted speakers dedicated to simplifying and facilitating your move to Portugal.”

So don't miss your chance — get your FREE ticket to the 2024 Portugal Plan Virtual Summit and mark your calendars for May 20!