Willing to be shared. SNiP, for instance, their Spaying and Neutering Programme has grown in strength and popularity in keeping the feral cat colonies to a minimum. Although agreeably large enough, and too many perhaps, they are being maintained almost vigilante style. “Our events and ‘Pop-Up’ shops are really catching on.” Good. “Our members and community are more than willing to help.” Catching cats is not always easy.

Thankfully, patience and helping hands are at the helm. “We have some new members too!” Jenny beams. “All seem willing to help which is brilliant.” Our education plan with Silves Secondary School continues.

The young students are all very eager to help and learn. “Passing on knowledge is one thing.” Jenny pauses. “But encouraging young and old to use it is another.” Keep the flag flying! No secret charities are always after money! “Yes.” Jenny Clarke, President of APAA agrees wholeheartedly. “Of course, saving the animal kingdom costs.” Having heard from a long-term member, that she needed help with an ailing cat.

Jenny was greeted by a hedgehog in a cage. Marie left the cage out for her cat. ‘Spike’ had moved in. The taste of aging cat food is irresistible. Poor feline friend hadn’t made it. Lucky little prickly-one gets to join the ‘Pinto’ family, to wonder at will as it were.

24 May 11-2pm Pop-Up at Manu’s (AKA Pescadora) Figueira. Ornaments, paintings, and all sorts of classics are on sale including model boats. A sunny patio and good parking. Telephone Manuela directly for lunch (+351) 961 043 053.

Friday 7 June 3.30pm-5.30pm. The Real Thing for He-man Caves and She-girl Sheds! Casa de Pasto de Parreirinha outskirts of Odelouca. Tools and stuff for the home and garden, DIY’ers be warned! Ladies, the odd pot of jam, preserves, and exotic chutneys will still prevail. Get a nice cold drink whilst browsing!

All funds raised by APAA are to maintain ever-growing cat-colonies and abandoned often seriously injured dogs looking for fostering or new homes, with SNiP APAA’s ongoing Spaying & Neutering Programme. If you want to help, have good ideas, cat food donations contact Jenny. See Contacts below. Feel the need to help? Volunteers for Team APAA, are always made welcome. Check out their charity shops at Alvor and Silves. Bargains galore. What are you waiting for?

Don’t forget animal shelters are waiting for that special someone to cross the line and adopt a friendly furry friend of some kind. A newcomer here on our sunny shores? Maybe a friend is there waiting to be yours!

General Jenny: info.apaaportugal@gmail.com

Shelters: ARA info@animalrescuealgarve.com

Cadela Carlota: info@cadela-carlota.com

Wigglestail: wigglestailanimalsanctuary@gmail.com