“We have to be clear and serious in what we propose. We are not the ones who say that building infrastructure to close the EU's borders is the solution to the migration problem. But there are those who say it. There are those who say that the only difference between the AD and the PPE is that some understand that these borders should be built with European money and others do not”, stated Marta Temido.

The former health minister was speaking in Castelo de Vide, in the Portalegre district, where she travelled to present the Socialist Youth Manifesto for the European Elections.

“Everyone wants to put the borders there, everyone wants to put the walls there, everyone wants to put the doors there. We also do not have an unrealistic idea of migration. What we have is a practical, pragmatic commitment to what is a humanist vision of migration,” she summarised.

Marta Temido said that there is a place and need for Portugal to be a host country, but argues that it must be done “with quality and with access to all the rights that exist at the level of our social state”.