Temperatures will warm up again, according to forecasts from the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA), but not for now. Until Wednesday, almost the entire country will be affected by clouds and rain, with the possibility of even hail and thunderstorms. From the end of the week, thermometers should start to rise, reaching 30ºC during the last week of May.

For this Monday, May 20th, rain and temperatures between 16ºC minimum and 23ºC maximum are forecast for the entire Azorean archipelago, which celebrates Region Day today, while for Madeira the IPMA predicts partially cloudy skies, with temperatures around 21ºC maximum and 16ºC minimum.

Rain is also expected to hit most districts in the North of mainland Portugal, as well as Sines and thermometers are not expected to rise beyond a maximum of 22ºC, and may drop to a minimum of 7ºC, in Guarda and Bragança. No rain is forecast for Porto, but temperatures should not exceed a maximum of 18ºC, with a minimum of 10ºC. In Lisbon, thermometers rise to 21ºC and can drop to 13ºC.

According to the IPMA, a similar scenario is expected for Tuesday, May 21st. Rain continues to hit the Azores and the north of the country. While the rest of the national territory varies between partly cloudy and slightly cloudy skies. In Faro, thermometers should reach 24ºC, in Évora at 22ºC, in Lisbon at 20ºC, and in Porto at 17ºC, this time with rain.

On Wednesday, May 22, temperatures begin to warm up, reaching 26ºC in Faro, 24ºC in Beja, 23ºC in Beja and Setúbal, and 22ºC in Sagres and Santarém. The rain continues in the Azores and Viana do Castelo, Aveiro, Coimbra, and Leiria.

The gradual increase in temperatures will begin next week, with the IPMA predicting that thermometers will reach 30ºC in several districts in the last week of May.