The Leenaun-based Misunderstood Heron's owners, Kim Young and Reinaldo Seco, are already experiencing an increase in business as a result of their investment, which has allowed them to install modern cooking equipment as well as waste and energy-saving measures.

The food truck industry in Killary Fjord has grown significantly, attracting both Irish and foreign tourists. It is well-known for its regional seafood specialties and specialty coffee, which are served against the scenic background of the Wild Atlantic Way.

With a recent €63,000 investment backed by a €31,700 grant under the Brexit Blue Economy Enterprise Development Scheme, which was suggested by the Seafood Taskforce, the firm has continued to grow.

The duo is enthusiastic about the environment and food, and with the help of a new, cutting-edge biodigestor, 85% of its food and packaging waste will be turned into compost, significantly lowering the amount of garbage that is dumped in landfills.

Improved facilities have also reduced their environmental effect and increased cost savings. Upgraded infrastructure have also reduced their environmental effect and increased cost savings.

“We were having trouble keeping up with the demand at busy times, so we acquired new kitchen equipment, which has helped us to expedite our cooking process and have a larger food production.”

“We anticipate a 6% increase in revenue this year and are using 100% biodegradable single-use takeaway packaging.” stated Ms. Young.

Ireland's top food truck list often includes The Misunderstood Heron.

Fresh fish harvested nearby is served first on the menu. Delicious mussels farmed just in front of our base, in the Killary Fjord, are among the menu's most well-liked delicacies.

We also acquire our popular organic smoked salmon from Keem Bay in Achill and Cornamona Smokehouse. We get our excellent sourdough bread from Westport's Cornrue.

“Our fisherman is Renvyle's John Joe Faherty. We rotate our menu around every three weeks, and the items we serve change based on the season and what's available in the area,” Ms. Young stated.