Its revenue share model could be one of the best opportunities of 2024, and as a result, Rollblock could outperform major projects like Near Protocol and Floki.

Near Protocol Attracts Bullish New Investors

Near Protocol recently experienced a surge in activity as investors anticipated additional price rallies. In total, Near Protocol reached over $100 million in contracts last month, suggesting that Near Protocol could experience additional growth in May.

At the time of writing, Near Protocol's value had increased by 49.35% over the last month and 10.25% over the last seven days. This increase makes Near Protocol one of the best-performing projects in May.

Near Protocol is now trading at $8.25, and its daily trading volume has passed $685 million.

Floki Prepares For 15.25 Billion Token Burn

Floki experienced a 6% surge in 24 hours after a proposal to burn 15.25 billion Floki tokens was passed by the Floki DAO. The proposal passed with huge support, with 99.84% of all votes in favor of the proposal.

This mass burning is expected to drive up the price of Floki in 2024, and its value has increased by 16.25% over the last week alone.

Floki also achieved several major listings over the past week, with Floki now being listed on Revolut and Binance Thailand. This makes Floki significantly more accessible. Presently, Floki is trading at $0.000208 and has a daily trading volume of $442 million.

Rollblock Attracts Bullish Investors With Revenue Share Model

Rollblock has caught global attention with its unique DeFi application and revenue share model. Rollblock is a GambleFi project that applies blockchain technology to the gambling industry. By using blockchain technology, Rollblock looks to offer better security and full transparency for players.

Rollblock has already launched its casino, which is fully licensed and doesn’t require KYC checks. Players can use over 20 cryptocurrencies to bet on over 150 games, including casino classics, digital games, and more. Rollblock will also introduce sports betting, covering soccer, the NFL, boxing, and more.

Rollblock’s revenue share model is one of its star features. The project will allocate up to 30% of its revenue to share with $RBLK token holders. To give back to holders, Rollblock will purchase $RBLK on the open market using its revenue. To create scarcity, half of the $RBLK will be burned forever, and the remaining 50% will be used for staking rewards, which will be paid out weekly.

Currently, in the second stage of its presale, Rollblock is building significant momentum. Stage one sold out in less than two weeks, and stage two is selling out at an even faster rate. With this in mind, investors have limited time to buy $RBLK tokens at the low price of just $0.012.

Could Rollblock Pioneer DeFi Gambling?

As one of the first projects to introduce passive income opportunities and DeFi gambling options, Rollblock is at the forefront of GambleFi developments. As a result, experts predict that early investors could see 100x returns on their investment, making Rollblock a highly lucrative opportunity.

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