With the long-awaited Taylor Swift's 2024 Eras Tour presently in progress many fans are over the moon, while others saw their hopes being taken away for not being able to purchase a ticket for the tour, as mentioned in a recent study conducted by entertainment specialist SuomiCasino.

The final results showed that 95% of fans worldwide were dissatisfied since there was just a 5% possibility of obtaining a ticket – with Portugal having the third lowest odds of seeing Taylor Swift in a list of 20 venues and 13 countries. In Portugal, only two in every 41 people were able to get tickets to Taylor Swift's Lisbon performance.

The study, which aimed to determine the odds of obtaining a ticket for the Eras’ Tour, focused on Taylor Swift’s European & Canadian tour dates available on her official website. Moreover, the analyses took into account the capacity of each venue and the population of each city where the shows would take place to determine the probability of obtaining a ticket in each nation and location.

Based on data from Morning Consult that shows 44% of Taylor Swift fans in the US identify as "Swifties", they calculated 44% of the population in each city to get the approximate total number of Swifties. The percentage of fans who were able to secure tickets and their fractional odds were then calculated by dividing the venue capacity by the total number of Swifties in each city.

The first place in the list is occupied by France, which saw 98% of its Swifties not being able to get a ticket (only 1/124 managed to get one), this is because, out of all the 20 cities, Paris is the most competitive place to see Taylor Swift. Even though Stadium Santiago Bernabeu in Spain has one of the greatest venue capacities (85,000 people) on the list, Madrid's population of 6,783,241 means only one out of 35 was able to get a ticket, a chance of only 3%, the second-lowest.

Italy and the United Kingdom ranked fourth (5%) and fifth (6%), respectively. Germany is placed last in the rank, which means that between all countries on the list, it was the one where more Swifties managed to secure a ticket. Fans would do better to go to Germany, where the odds are the greatest in the world at 12%.

As SuomiCasino concludes, “Taylor Swift is arguably one of the largest names of our generation. Her first Eras tour was the highest-grossing show of all time, which makes her tickets a hot commodity. With just 5% of Swifties successfully scoring them across the globe, fans had to get tactical in the face of fierce competition”.

Taylor Swift is playing two concerts in Portugal at the Estádio da Luz in Lisbon on 24 and 25 May.

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