From new sports and leisure facilities to tourist and residential properties in diverse typologies, sizes, and prices, there will be an abundance of brand-new amenities to supplement the destination’s beautiful landscape of sandy beaches and clear waters.

An award-winning Marina, endless beaches, five renowned golf courses, hotels, world-class sports facilities, in addition to high-quality education and health facilities, are some of the features that only Vilamoura can offer. The epitome of resort lifestyle - from doing different things every day to the luxury of doing absolutely nothing in sunny Vilamoura.

Nothing about Vilamoura is obvious or plain and no two days are alike here. You can come for a few days, a few weeks or stay forever. The moment you set foot in Vilamoura you will not want to leave. The truth is during the summer you have golden sands and clear waters, and during the winter this sun-soaked coast is never too cold for a jog or too harsh for water sports. Vilamoura also boasts an Environmental Park - the place to enjoy outdoor living, take your kids biking, and have a long walk, surrounded by vast and unique wildlife.

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Following a recent rebrand, *Vilamoura master destination planner has recently started the construction of a new marina that’s an addition to what’s already Portugal’s largest and most awarded. Three pontoons with 68 berths will be installed, all equipped with the latest technology to provide first-class facilities, sustainability, and user comfort. All the new berths will be specifically designed for large boats, between 20 and 40 metres, to respond to the fast-growing trend in this sector and to strengthen the destination's capacity to attract a high net-worth demographic.

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*Vilamoura is also launching a vast variety of new residential and touristic projects. Whether you’re by yourself, a couple or a family, there is a home for you in Vilamoura. From Villas to Townhouses, Apartments, Penthouses or even plots to build your home from scratch, the offer is wide and broadening each year. The recent additions to Real Estate projects are The Nine and the Natura Village. All are built with sustainability and the highest quality in mind attracting more and more buyers to make Vilamoura a permanent residency. And to cater for the growing residential community, there is a brand-new offering of events at hand ranging from yoga classes at the nature park to creative workshops at the Cerro da Vila museum.

Vilamoura is evolving, turning into something even more extraordinary, uniquely combining the comfort of a chic resort with the convenience of having everything at arm’s length. Stay tuned for more exciting news in the coming months.

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