The Group’s distinctive teaching and learning methodologies have been internationally recognized in the sector, focusing on the individuality of the student, respecting their profile, and promoting a truly holistic approach to learning – unique in the educational landscape of Portugal. The schools of the Sharing Education Group have received numerous awards and distinctions in recent years, both nationally and internationally, including being ranked among the Top 10 Must Watch International Schools in Europe by K12 Digest, as well as the Learning Community of the Year 2023 award by the Portugal Prestige Awards.

The renowned ‘Sharing Pedagogical Concept', which has been implemented at Bright, serves as a flagship for the Group's schools. Hard work has been undertaken to 'tear down walls' – mainly mental, but some physical – and create dynamic open-space classrooms where students enjoy being and learning. In these classrooms, technology is prominently present, both in the physical space and in the applied teaching methods, in a way remarkably different than what can is done in other international schools in Portugal.

The indoor and outdoor educational spaces at Bright were designed by the Danish Rosan Bosch Studio – specialists in creating innovative learning environments who continuously work with the Group in all its schools – and were entirely designed with the student's perspective in mind. These spaces are highly adaptable according to the subjects being studied and the activities being performed at each moment of the day, optimising how content is taught and learned at any given moment, thus providing a more immersive and engaging experience for the student.

The daily life of Bright’s students is characterized by high levels of autonomy and independence, along with the inherently necessary individual and collective responsibility that each student must consistently demonstrate to ensure their success in this innovative educational model. This results in the development of young adults truly prepared for the present and future job markets, which becomes immediately evident when walking through the common areas of the schools, with a wide array of activities taking place in the vast spaces — activities that are both independent and dependent, collective and individual, focused and multidisciplinary — placing much more focus on the student’s learning than on the teacher’s teaching – thus focusing on the ultimate goal of education.

It is estimated that within 10 years, more than 40% of the active population will be working jobs and careers that do not yet exist, and this premise is the foundation of the school’s ethos and methodologies. The preparation of students and the curricular and pedagogical organization of Bright is based on the certainty that uncertainty will be part of the students’ lives forever. Therefore, the focus is not on teaching students the current subjects in a static and temporary manner, but rather on creating a generation of Lifelong Active Learners, with the inherent ability, desire, and practice for continuous learning that will always be the core of their personal and professional lives.

Rosan Bosch Studio’s founder and team, along with the Sharing Education Group’s Board of Directors, will host Bright International School’s Official Presentation on June 14th at 17:30 at the school’s campus, located in the Área Empresarial de Loulé, Algarve. The event is open to the Algarve Community and does not require registration.