Located on Estrada Nacional 124-1 380P Poço Partido, Rejuva Clinic is home to exceptional skin treatments led by Dr Luis Carito.

Dr Luis Carito is a family doctor, working at Portimão health center, who completed his post-graduate studies in Aesthetic medicine. His specialism is in Aesthetic medicine for people with cancer or chronic diseases. Dr Luis Carito has worked in Aesthetic medicine for over 10 years with his expertise leading him to launch Rejuva Clinic with two business partners.

The non-invasive treatments on offer at the Clinic focus on natural-looking results, working to address any skin or facial appearance concerns that are customised to your specific needs. Some of the treatments include Collagen Stimulators, Acne and scarring treatments, Botox, Microneedling, Filler, Laser, PRP (Platelet-rich plasma), PDO threads amongst others.

Alongside their treatments, their newest Fotona4D® Laser offers a wide range of non-invasive treatments, such as a non-surgical facelift, scar and pigment removal, eye wrinkle reduction, cellulite removal, and permanent hair removal amongst many others.

Best for you

Dr Luis Carito told The Portugal News “When you arrive at Rejuva Clinic, you will have a consultation with us so that we can gain a good understanding of your clinical history and any health problems. Following this we will find out what our client desires because with Aesthetic medicine the client always has goals to achieve. Following this, we advise you on what treatments would work best for your desired goal.”

As for their most popular treatment, Dr Luis Carito revealed that botox is up. “It doesn’t harm your body and it is a product that relaxes your muscles and is even reversible because after 6 months you will need it again. Sometimes your face looks different because your muscles are very contracted and so botox relaxes the muscle and results in you looking better.”

Adding that “Aesthetic medicine is not plastic surgery and what we achieve is giving clients a better quality of life. We want people to feel happy leaving the clinic.”

Interestingly, the doctor went on to explain that botox is not just a beauty treatment but that it can stop sweat under the arms and it can treat severe headaches, which are often caused by muscles contracting and producing lactic acid. It can also relieve pain in other parts of your body such as your neck and shoulders, often caused by stress.

Rejuva Clinic plans to do educational events, where they will invite the public to learn more about Aesthetic medicine and explain treatments scientifically but in a more accessible way. Dr Luis Carito concluded, “We want to change the public perception of Aesthetic medicine as there are many misconceptions and we plan to offer further training to doctors and nurses.”

To find out more about the treatments available please contact 282 353 347/ 964 196 603 or email info@rejuva-portugal.com. For more information, please visit www.medicalaser.pt or alternatively, please visit https://www.facebook.com/share/4s9CuUXDygb44cCy/?mibextid=LQQJ4d