Portugal Charity Chat was created earlier in the year, as a way for the different charities operating in Portugal to keep in touch, learn about each other, and swap information. On 29 May 2024, a special workshop was organised to introduce those involved in fund-raising to ways of using social media to help raise funds, attract volunteers and raise public awareness.

The new Kit & Caboodle retail store in Alcantarilha hosted this event on the upper floor of their classy new premises, and Philippa Taylor, the new Owner/Manager kindly provided refreshments and home-baked cakes at the half-way point, which was much appreciated.

Emma Wilson, of the ‘Big Sister Social Media Management,’ was invited to the event as a guest speaker, to give some welcome advice and guidance on better use of social media, including the best ways to help charities stand out and catch the public’s attention. Emma won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2022, and has a long list of successful businesses under her belt that she has helped with her expertise for their social media presence, and gave some good advice for those attending on how to use Instagram, Facebook or TikTok to spread their name, how to engage readers and give the charities the keys to boosting their readerships, using both text and photographs.

The second half of the morning was hosted by Sheena Rawcliffe, who has for some time been active in the charity field, and the subject she introduced was ‘Improving Your Presentation Skills’ for those that might be required to produce a presentation on either themselves or the charity they represent. Some good advice on gaining confidence, keeping listeners engaged, spreading your name and physical presentation were given, and amongst the many tips that were given were hints on using bullet points on cards to avoid missing the crucial information to be presented.

Following on the success of this workshop, Sheena advised that more events will be held in the future, so those interested should join the Facebook page of ‘Portugal Charity Chat’ for not only future dates, but to keep up to date with events that are being organised, donating goods to worthy causes or if you are a would-be volunteer, looking to explore charities that interest you. You might make a difference to them to offering as little as an hour a week or a week a month, or perhaps making a donation of that bag of clothes you don’t know what to with.

Further information on Emma Wilson can be found by calling her on (+351) 913 182 207, or writing to: Info@bigsistersocialmedia.com

Kit & Caboodle offer high quality pre-loved and upcycled furniture, paints, products and a host of other gift ideas, together with their Kind Café in Alcantarilha. Call Philippa on (+351) 910 070 073 for booking your fund-raising lunch or coffee morning or take a look at their website: www.kitandcaboodle.pt.


Marilyn writes regularly for The Portugal News, and has lived in the Algarve for some years. A dog-lover, she has lived in Ireland, UK, Bermuda and the Isle of Man. 

Marilyn Sheridan