The Irish Air Line Pilots’ Association (Ialpa) confirmed that its members will strike on Saturday, June 29th, as part of an ongoing pay dispute. Ialpa is demanding a 24 percent pay increase, which it says corresponds to inflation since the last pay rise in 2019. Aer Lingus has labelled the demand as unrealistic.

In addition to the strike, pilots will begin an indefinite work-to-rule action on Wednesday, June 26th, ceasing all overtime work.

Following the announcement of the work-to-rule action, Aer Lingus cancelled 124 flights over the first five days, affecting approximately 20,000 customers. The full list of cancellations was released on Friday, shortly before Ialpa announced the June 29th strike.

On Saturday, Aer Lingus confirmed the cancellation of 120 flights scheduled for the strike day, impacting 15,000 short-haul passengers. Long-haul flights on June 28th and 29th have been rescheduled to prevent further disruptions.

Aer Lingus is rebooking some customers onto alternative flights and has started emailing others about the cancellations, offering options to change their flight for free, request a refund, or obtain a voucher.

Details of the affected flights can be found in the ‘travel advisory’ section of the Aer Lingus website.