2,400 Pousada beds available during pandemic

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All national Youth Hostels are available to welcome health professionals, elderly people displaced from homes, those sick with covid-19 or homeless people, totaling 2,400 beds.

“At the moment, 28 of these Youth Hostels (Pousadas) are already hosting health professionals who do not want to go home so as not to contaminate their families, quarantined or isolated people and elderly people displaced from home”, said António Lacerda Sales.

The minister of health explained that “all Youth Hostels were made available to help in the response to the fight against covid-19”, in a total of “more than 2,400 beds across the country, 400 of which were reserved for the homeless population”.

“We have said that this is a fight for everyone, that we need everyone, because only together will we be able to overcome this difficulty. The response from civil society and institutions has been extraordinary and at many levels, ”he noted.

Thanking Movijovem for making the Pousadas de Juventude available, Lacerda Sales revealed that “Fundação La Caixa and BPI” will “offer 108 'tablets' to hospitals in the country to facilitate communication between patients with covid-19 or other pathologies in isolation and family members ”.

“We cannot forget about humanisation in care”, he stressed.

The government official also referred to the contract signed between the Ministry of Health and communications operators for a package that includes “10 gigs of data for professionals from the National Health Service dedicated to the treatment of covid patients”.

"At the moment, there are already 18 thousand registered professionals whose processes are being validated", he said.


This is great and am glad the Portugeuse in Portugal are standing together,but its a pity they don't assist those stuck and unable to return from countries like South Africa ,I am stuck with my wife and mother of 92 here and because we have dual citizenship but normally reside in Portugal don't seem to be on anyone's list of priority's, we do not have a residence in SA but live temporarily with friends ,we are here because my brother was very ill and has since died,we just came to SA to see him for the time he had left ,my mom can still travel but is getting weaker by the day and some medication's only available in Portugal are not available here, we don't ask for a handout just for assistance. Thanks.

By Joao Carlos Bastos from Other on 10-04-2020 10:01
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