50 years in the Algarve and how a street dog changed my life
At a time when the Algarve is experiencing a massive lack of tourists, here is a book from first time author Paul Marsh.
The book chronicles the early years of his discovery of the Algarve and his chance encounter with a local street dog which pulled at his heart strings to bring him back time and time again. Finally he couldn’t bear to leave him behind any more so Paul decided to make Portugal his home.
Bender Rules is a hilarious autobiographical account of the author’s adventures and experiences of life in the Algarve as a young Englishman “ Living the Dream”. If you buy the book you will discover just why Bender does rule.
After being dubbed a rebel at school he realised that being a chartered accountant in Bedford was not for him. Paul decided that travelling around Europe was the way to go and the book tells the stories of his early years and his eventual arrival in the Algarve in the summer of 1970.
When the most common form of transport in the Algarve was a horse and cart, the story tells how the author made money by selling horseshoe nail jewellery on the street, living with the local fishing community and doing whatever was necessary to be able to remain in the country.
The main character in the book (apart from Paul) is a street dog called Bender who, as time goes by, seems to develop some sort of extrasensory perception. Numerous run-ins with the authorities, both by the dog and the author, add to a fascinating and, at times, humorous insight to what life was like in this beautiful part of the world before the tourist boom of the late 70’s and early 80’s.
This book is a must read for anyone who loves the Algarve, and who harks back to a time when the world was a much less regimented place.
Paul lives with his wife Sarah near Albufeira and runs his own wholesale giftware business and Sarah is the owner of the popular local restaurant “Prima Pasta”. They have two rescue dogs, a cat which one of the dogs brought home in its mouth and maybe the oldest horse in the Algarve.
To find out more about the author go to www.benderrules.com
Copies of the book are currently available online at Amazon, at Quick Pick in Algarve Shopping and Faro Forum and at Prima Pasta in Vale de Para.
To contact the author, please email benderrules93@gmail.com