89 Hells Angels charged

By Kim Schiffmann, in News · 19-07-2019 01:00:00 · 1 Comments
89 Hells Angels charged

The 89 defendants have been charged with crimes relating to attempted murder, extortion, drug trafficking and other violent offences.

In a note issued by the Attorney General’s Office, an indictment has been filed against 89 defendants belonging to the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club relating to criminal association, qualified homicide, qualified physical offense, extortion, damage with violence, robbery, narcotics trafficking, possession of prohibited weapons and ammunition, as well as drug use.

The convictions relate to an incident which took place on 24 March, 2018 which saw the defendants going in to a restaurant in Prior Velho, Loures, armed with hammers, rods, iron chains, axes, sticks and knives to try to “kill four people and seriously wound six others.” According to a report by Lusa news agency, the Hells Angels members wanted to attack the Red & Gold group, created by extreme right-wing radical Mário Machado.

The defendants destroyed the establishment during the incident, causing damage valued around at least €14,450.

The prosecutors of the Central Department of Criminal Investigation and Action (DCIAP) concluded that the conduct of the Hells Angels members involved in the process “followed operational planning, by recruiting members and supporters, procuring weapons, wearing ‘camouflage’ clothing, arranging transport, defining concentration points and tasks during the attack, as well as escape route planning.

Of the 89 defendants, 37 remain in custody, five are under house arrest and two are currently detained in Germany awaiting extradition to Portugal.


I read a story a few years ago that i had to confirm and i did, it's a well known fact that the so called biker gangs ( previously known as motorcycle clubs) are no more than a cover for criminal gangs around the world, i was reading about Australia where they (biker gangs ) have been banned and anyone wearing those club jackets like the Hells Angels etc would be quickly arrested and put in jail, many jailed inmates are from bikey gangs in Australia and New Zealand, which makes me laugh about Faro Bike Week, in some countries, the gathering of bikers are banned, in Portugal its encouraged and promoted, how far behind the times is this country, don't they learn anything from other countries, apparently not.

by Mr Big from Algarve on 25-07-2019 10:09:00
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