A long road to recovery for TAP

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TAP’s new CEO, Ramiro Sequeira, has said that it is vital to have “common sense and to remain calm” when making any decisions in the context of a “very slow” recovery of the aviation sector in the coming years.

“It is vital to have common sense and to remain calm when decisions have to be taken, together with all workers, unions and all ‘stakeholders’. More than drawing up a good plan and showing it to Brussels, which is very important, is to be able to implement it and to respond, to ensure the recovery over the next three to four years that we want,” Ramiro Sequeira said to Lusa.

Sequeira said that the demand forecasts for 2021, made by IATA and Eurocontrol, are at between 55 and 60 percent of the demand for 2019, in the best-case scenario, demonstrating “a very slow recovery curve for the next few years”.

Ramiro Sequeira said that TAP’s main priorities for the coming months were to resume operations in a safe and sustainable manner and to finalise a restructuring plan that would facilitate a real recovery plan for TAP at the same time.

For Ramiro Sequeira, it is essential to resume operations in a “totally safe” way, but also in a sustainable way.

“We are only operating at 30 percent of what we were supposed to and this is a conscious measure, because we cannot operate flights that are not profitable or that have little occupation, which would put TAP in an even more difficult position,” he said, pointing out that the main markets, Brazil and the United States, are still under severe restrictions, thus reducing demand, which is also aggravated by the low demand on medium-course routes, where TAP is exposed to greater competition from ‘low-cost’ airlines.

TAP’s new CEO replaced Antonoaldo Neves who had held the position since 2018.

Antonoaldo Neves left TAP following the agreement between the Government and private shareholders to reorganise TAP’s corporate structure - with the departure of David Neeleman - and will be temporarily replaced by Ramiro Sequeira.

The Portuguese state now holds 72.5 percent of TAP’s capital, businessman Humberto Pedrosa 22.5 percent and workers the remaining 5 percent of the group.


Fares should remain as original of 2019 prior and during pandemic. They should not be raised because of the losses. We still plan on using TAP in 2021.

By Anna from USA on 27-09-2020 04:24

I have been trying to find out information on flying from london to Mozambique but up to date nothing .

By Paul Gibbs from UK on 27-09-2020 07:41

TAP canceled half of my flight from Lisbon to Brussels. I was forced to cancel the first leg of the flight from Newark, USA to Lisbon. TAP doesn't refund money instead offering a vaucher. TAP did issued the vaucher of $31 which is ridiculously small fraction of the ticket. I filed a complaint but there is no response. Oh, and the TAP has never notified me that half of the flight was cancelled. I'm not alone having problem with this company. Just check TripAdvisor or any site and you will see how thousands people are unhappy with TAP. Never ever I will fly with that deceiving company.

By Natalia Martin from USA on 27-09-2020 03:26

I have been flying with TAP airline, in February of 2020, from Chicago to Lisbon, perfect takeoff, perfect landing, stewardess professional, airport clean, just a very good experience with a small airline, I would fly again in a heartbeat with TAP.

By MDF from USA on 26-09-2020 04:30

Need to pay passages there refund from June when you cancelled there flight on the 1st September. Still awaiting my refund and the worse thing you guys will not answer the phone when passages and myself. But now going to contact my credit card provider and get my money back nearly 4 months. Not acceptable

By Angela Hamilton from UK on 26-09-2020 02:08

Maybe if #1 read the info of restrictions on travelling, the poster would be better understanding of the current situation

By Josie from Madeira on 26-09-2020 11:01

Maybe if they had a inkling of customer service smarts. I just tried to book 2 tickets to Lisbon. Terrible wait times, terrible customer service. I finally booked with another carrier. I now have to do a connecting flight but it is better than dealing with TAP.

By MFM from USA on 25-09-2020 03:45
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