Maybe you imagined an item that would be the perfect gift, if only it existed, or maybe you have seen this one particular piece on your favourite TV-show but just cannot find on Amazon or ebay? Algarve Elegance will find it for you.
Donna Vinall, owner of Algarve Elegance, has an ever-growing passion for interior design and finding the right furniture for the right room. This passion has helped her to successfully run a furniture shop in Almancil, in which you can not only buy what you can see, but also buy what you can imagine.
No matter how extraordinary the design, as long as your idea doesn’t break the laws of physics, Donna will find it, or find someone who can build the bespoke piece at the best possible price out there.
Despite the extraordinary designs and elegant pieces, her prices remain reasonably affordable, she will let customers pay in instalments and give discounts wherever she can, while delivering anywhere in the world after finding the most cost effective delivery service.
With tons of experience in decorating full homes, room by room, outdoor areas, restaurants and many more, she proves every day that what she does is her passion and calling, and her eye for detail and vision for the end-product are what separates her from the bunch.
Donna can also stage homes for open houses, or for pictures that can add value to the property by showing off all the space’s best features and allowing for an interested buyer to see the full potential of the property. KS,