Everything started when a food-loving Weimaraner named Cooka arrived in the home of Aline, Alex and Bubi, their rescue dog.

“From day one Cooka was different. Way too smart, way too head-strong and very picky with eating. She simply refused any commercial feed” so Aline started cooking real food for her dogs.

Not long after this new diet, Aline noticed visible changes in Bubi’s health, which had been poor ever since she was found on the street. Intrigued she started researching the ingredients of pet-food and realised that not all foods are created equally. “Some are good and some are bad, just like the food on our plates”.

Aline’s search for a healthy and ‘Cooka-approved’ pet-food became a real challenge and so she teamed up with vets and canine nutritionists to create wholesome and well-balanced meals and treats.

Using only natural, farm-fresh and human-grade ingredients, these treats, meals and bites are “literally good enough to share with us – if the pups allow it! And yes, they are always tested on humans, especially Cooka’s Dad Alex”.

Cooka’s promise is simple: “Only if it is good enough for us, it is good enough for our furry ones! Love comes in many ways for the furry families. Tummy rubs, long walks in the park, plenty of snuggles on the sofa and a game of fetch on the beach… But the one most important way to say “I whoof you too” and to show our true love is by the quality of food we are giving to our pets”.

That is why the Cooka’s promise is “Only if it is good enough for us, it is good enough for our furry ones!”

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