A wet weekend in Portugal

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Rain is expected across the country over the weekend although the clouds are to clear on Monday and temperatures are to rise.

Lisbon: It is set to be a gloomy weekend in the capital with rain predicted for Saturday and Sunday. Temperatures over the weekend are to reach highs of 16 and lows of 10 degrees. From Monday is is to brighten up with temperatures rising to 21 degrees and lows of 12 degrees.
The south: Rain is predicted for the entire weekend in the south with temperatures reaching maximum highs of 17 degrees and lows of 9 degrees. There will still be a chance of rain for the rest of the week although it will be feeling warmer, with average highs of 20 and lows of 11 degrees.
The north: It will be a wet weekend in the north and temperatures are to reach maximum highs of 16 degrees and lows of 10. From Monday sunshine is set to return, making it feel warmer during the day with highs of 19 degrees, but cooler evenings with lows of 8 degrees.


Stop travelling around the place you fool
Lisbon, porto, Spain... Fron the USA

By João from USA on 20-03-2020 09:53

I was in Lisboa and two days later in Porto, I became very sick. High fever, fainting, vomiting , coughing and diarrhea. I had to go to St. Antonio emergency room.
After, a Chest X Rays and blood work, the doctor said that it was a Negative result for Corona Virus. I believed, it was a false negative, because up to today since I came back from Spain, some of the symptoms are still lingering.
It was impossible to get the results of the test in just a few hours.
What I was afraid was to contaminate the group of people I was with and that people that flight back on March 11th UA050 from Madrid.
In order to control this virus, people with or without symptoms need to be tested.
I had been at home in quarantine and I hope I can get over this bump soon.

By Rosa Maria Dent from USA on 20-03-2020 01:18
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