According to data from the daily monitoring of the Covid-19 pandemic, carried out by the Directorate General for Health, the last time there was a decrease in the number of active cases in Portugal was on 15 August, when 12,621 cases were reported, 16 fewer than the previous day.

The epidemiological bulletin of 20 October also reveals that the number of recovered cases exceeds the number of confirmed ones: 1,932 cases of recovery of patients and 1,876 confirmed cases.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 61,898 people have recovered from the disease.

On the other hand, official data provided since the beginning of the pandemic show that the number is close to the highs recorded in April.

On 20 October Portugal has 1,237 people in hospital, a figure close to 19 April, the day 1,243 people were hospitalised due to the infection with the new coronavirus.

The day with the highest number of hospitalisations so far was 16 April, with the registration of 1,302 hospitalised people.

Regarding intensive care, the data reveal that on 20 October there were 176 people interned in these units, the same number as on 27 April.

The maximum number of internments in Intensive Care Units was registered on 7 April, the day on which 217 people were in these units due to infection with the new coronavirus.