A spokesperson for the Arte Algarve gallery, which is located within Lagoa’s old wine cooperative – the last remaining Adega Cooperativa in the Algarve – told The Portugal News that a total of eleven pieces of art, including paintings and photography, of an undisclosed value, were stolen in the heist.
“The works seemed to have been chosen on purpose because they were from three different artists and from different corners of the exhibition”, the spokesperson said, adding suspicions are that whoever stole the items may also have been familiar with the layout of the winery and its surrounding plot.
Among the stolen items, by artists Laurence Kitchen, José Luis Cerra-Wollstein and the renowned Lagos-based photographer Alexandre Manuel, are two large pieces measuring 97cm x 97cm and 100cm x 100cm.
Most of the pieces feature boats or are water-related as the gallery is currently hosting the ‘Blue Planet’ exhibition, dedicated to the ocean.
A statement from the GNR confirmed the incident and that it is in fact the first of its kind to be committed in the Algarve.
A source from the force said the investigation into the robbery, “which presumably happened between 11 and 13 July”, will likely be undertaken by the Silves GNR brigade, who carried out the initial inspection of the scene.
In the meantime Arte Algarve has appealed for members of the public to keep a look-out for the stolen works of art, more details of which can be obtained by contacting the gallery on: (+351)
282 913 130.