Agreement signed for new digital highway linking Portugal with Brazil

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A group of 11 European and Latin American research and education networks have signed an agreement to build Ellalink, an underwater fibre optic cable under the Atlantic ocean, which will link Europe and Latin America through Portugal and Brazil, the European Commission said on Monday.

The cable will be operational from 2020, the European Commission said, adding that it would “provide reliable high-capacity connectivity to boost scientific and cultural exchanges as well as business.”
Construction of the cable will start in the coming months, as soon as the contract begins.

“This transatlantic link will provide researchers and companies with an essential facility for the development of the data economy,” the statement released by the European Commission reads.
“It will significantly strengthen the links between research and education networks in the two continents, enabling new collaborative activities.”
The commission said it would invest €26.5 million, with funding from Horizon 2020, the Copernicus programme and the regional Development Cooperation Instrument, alongside the group of public stakeholders.


Good! Perhaps then you can avoid the NSA eavesdropping.

by Michael Hogan from USA on 17-08-2018 08:39:00
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