Airhelp ranks Lisbon airport ‘worst in world’

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Lisbon airport has been ranked the worst airport in the world and Porto fared only slightly better, according to passenger rights company Airhelp.

Of 132 airports assessed, Lisbon’s Humberto Delgado airport took the bottom spot, with Porto’s Sá Carneiro coming in in 125th.

The annual list ranks airports and airlines in terms of punctuality, service quality, shops, food and treatment of complaints, and said the Portuguese airports need to improve significantly when it comes to timekeeping.


Firstly, lisbon airport is operated by the French so that should explain the rudeness and inefficiency. But why has no one talked about the horrific parking situation. Especially terminal 1 departures.. we just sat in 50 minutes of traffic trying to leave this parking. Why is nothing being done about this!

By Shirin Motamed from Lisbon on 23-09-2019 09:28

Perhaps you should read the original article before commenting. The source for the ranking is a passenger rights compensation company. Lisbon’s immigration passport control combines both departing and arriving passengers in the same line. Unlike most airports, the passport control is AFTER the duty free shops, the restaurants and the airline lounges. Even on an EU>EU flight, I was stuck in the passport line for 45 minutes, 4 agents for 400 people. Needless to say, I missed my flight and had to go back through the same line to re-enter the country and claim my bag. I’m sure this happens to many passengers everyday. THAT is why LIS is ranked as the worst airport in the world, regardless of the facility and amenities.

By Newton TerMeer from USA on 16-05-2019 05:29

I’ve been to Lisbon airport, I would not say it is the best I ever been to but certainly not the worst. I would say that it is average, somewhere in the middle. I’ve been to the US, they do have some world class dumps! It kind of feels like fake news to get a new airport for Lisbon!

By Anna from Madeira on 16-05-2019 04:01

Airhelp sucks with these comments it’s probably the worst site in the world under same terms
Lisbon airport is far from perfect but only if you haven’t been in Africa or South America to know there is by far much worst
And even in EU and UK there are much worst airports
This is just cheap criticism by airhelp

By Pablo from Other on 14-05-2019 07:38

Whoever wrote this has not been to Addis Ababa!
Lisbon was quite good the 3 or 4 times I have been through the doors.
I will say that Porto was disgusting with its broken and dirty bathrooms.

By Marl from Other on 14-05-2019 06:47

Anyone that's recommending this airport clearly doesn't travel, must travel to third world countries, have stocks or shares and maybe be the minister of travel for Portugal.

By Filipe from Other on 14-05-2019 05:57

We had the greatest of holidays ruined by this airport! We checked our bags in with no boarding information so we waited patiently where we could find seats and missed our boarding call as we could not here the speakers. The screen updated slowly and required us running across to the other side which should take the average person 15 min you 20 min. Try that with kids or elderly.. Good luck. The waiting in line not knowing if you are in the correct line was also accomplished on this trip. Customer service does not exist in the airport , maybe one lady was which I would like to thank. Asking anyone where to go next was useless and I speak Portuguese. As the capital of Portugal this airport is an embarrassment and the minister of travel clearly does not use this airport like the common folk. They charged us the baggage fee for our bags that they removed while they refused to let us on even with the stairs at the plane. They charged us from Toronto but left our bags in Toronto. And then we waited 5 hours to report them missing as only 2 people are attending to this crazy amount of lost bags line
TAP.......Take Another Plane me !

By Filipe from Other on 14-05-2019 05:50

Keep in mind, both airports date back decades and have been retrofitted to suit 20th & 21st century travel needs. I recall landing, taking off and awaiting passengers from the limited flights that frequented those airports. I'm only in my early 50's and I plainly recall that the landing of a TWA or Pan Am flight was cause for celebration at the roof top terrace underneath tower control!

By Gary from USA on 14-05-2019 03:31

I strongly disagree with this article...
The worst airport I I've benn so far was tigel Berlin. Evething old rude staff I think they still doing hand writing check in also really dirty I felt in third world country.. Lisbon is much more modern than tigel - Berlin and more polite people..

By Julia Prex from UK on 14-05-2019 03:17

Terminal 1 is really nice but... terminal 2 should be terminated. Most horrible place ever. No sufficient seating and over crowded. Should be forbidden. Big safety hazard. However terminal one is a super relaxed place where i spend many times. Its better than many airports. Do not use low budget airlunes from lisbon or you end up in the hell of terminal two

By Willem jan van de kraats from Madeira on 14-05-2019 02:39

They are lobbying for a new airport!

By Alves from Lisbon on 14-05-2019 02:04

I can't believe this result? We flew out of Lisbon Portela Airport last year and it was truly one of the calmest, nicest airports we have ever been through. From check in to the amazing choice of shops and food.

By Ian from UK on 14-05-2019 10:43

Maybe this result is not so surprising if you have had the misfortune to spend time waiting in T2 at peak period. A zoo, with not enough room, seating or eateries..

By Dave from Other on 14-05-2019 10:36

I understand why this outcome. Is indeed a terrible airport.
The staff, the construction, the buses to leave the airplane, the organization, the smell, the lisboetas, I can relate to this outcome.

By David from Lisbon on 14-05-2019 06:34

I have to agree, that it's unorginized, have been waiting in line with little clue if I'm in the right place and no help around to confirm. Many others were in same situation and standing for long periods of time for elderly people not easy. The car rental line up s and waiting for sure must be the worst I've ever seen in my life. You absolutely don't feel like you're in a first class international airport.

By Emmanuel da Costa from Other on 13-05-2019 11:11

This is not true and this is nonsense. Whoever did the rank about Portugal Lisbon airport as worst, I'm sure he or she was fully drunk. Portugal Lisbon airport is first class airport with all facility.
Whoever did the the ranking about Portugal Lisbon airport, I advise them to go mental hospital and get better treatment.
You can't find smoking zone in many airports but in Lisbon airport have and you can get metro,bus,taxi,rent car and all updates facility.
Nobody will follow this stupid nonsense drunks ranking about Lisbon Airport.

By Md Rezaul Bhuyan from UK on 13-05-2019 10:38

I just flew in & out of LIS & can believe it should be ranked very low. International arrivals wait in line for border/passport control for hours. You then exit with no idea where to go as the signage is bad. The eateries are swamped with too few chairs; the air conditioning is non existent. The one good spot is the 2nd Vodafone shop for obtaining SIM cards.

By Chel Jorge from Other on 13-05-2019 07:20

We are putting my Mother-in-law in the hands of BA tomorrow with wheelchair assistance. I will let you know who it goes.

I too use LIS and OPO frequently, so like Alexis Sheldon I don't need to use a y assistance. When this is the case both airports are a dream to vet through. Only the Taxis stands at LIS are a problem as they are always disorganised.

By Rob Young from Other on 13-05-2019 06:30

Something fishy about this story! I can name a lot of bad airports for various reasons and Lisbon is not one of them!

By Don McLeod from Other on 13-05-2019 05:11

This result is extremely stupid. Lisbon Airport is not so bad. ONE exception: the rental car counters. It always takes FOREVER to get service there. This may be the worst I’ve experienced anywhere.

By Walter Mellon from Other on 13-05-2019 04:31

This is funny as a previous article this month said the opposite.

By Gillian from Beiras on 13-05-2019 03:08

I travel loads and Lisbon is my favourite airport in the world. The best food at reasonable prices, friendliest security, super easy self check in, so close to the city centre.

By Alexis Sheldon from Other on 13-05-2019 01:54
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