Most of the birds originate from the growing breeding colonies in the nature park Coto Doñana in southern Spain. This was possible because, instead of concreting and destroying valuable natural areas, they were flushed with water, and over the years there are now over 4,000 pairs of Ibis nesting. In the winter season many migrate also to the Algarve.

Even in the very small unique wetland Alagoas Brancas, close to Lagoa, impressive flocks of up to 900 individuals landed almost daily in 2018. Often they visited the area also during the day, but mostly they come regularly to roost and sleep there at night.

In recent days Dr. Manfred Temme, a German Biologist and Ornithologist, who completed 10 years of bird research in Alagoas Brancas noted that even now the Glossy Ibis are showing their loyalty to the site. Although, because of the long drought during the summer, Alagoas Brancas is not yet completely filled with water, but in these days large flocks of birds arrive daily near sunset to sleep safely in the nearby tall trees or Cattail clumps.

He added: „Also many of the white Cattle Egrets, black Jackdaws and Azure-winged Magpies are still adhering to Alagoas Brancas. This can be observed by everyone around sunset and shows that Lagoa has an extremely valuable bird site which should be fully protected“.