Alentejo go-slow protest highlights dire state of interior’s roads

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Around 100 drivers gathered to stage a go-slow protest in the Alentejo on Monday, to draw attention to the degradation of the region’s roads, stemming from what the protestors deemed “decades of abandonment”.

The go-slow was staged on Sunday between the municipalities of Vidigueira and Barrancos, in protest against the poor state of local roads, the fruit of “decades” of abandonment, participants said.

Speaking as the caravan of protests crawled through his county, Barrancos mayor João Serranito Nunes argued that recent decades have seen only “successive patch-ups that do not solve anything” but “exacerbate the discomfort of those who drive”.

The morning march was promoted by the municipalities of Barrancos, Moura, Mourão and Vidigueira as a form of protesting against the state of degradation of the roads that serve the municipalities and “in defence of better accessibility”.

Under the motto ‘Together for better accessibility’, participants called for structural works on national roads 258, 385, 386 and 387 and on regional road 258, considering that the current state of these roads “jeopardises road safety” and is “an obstacle to development and investment” for the municipalities.

Setting off at around 9.40am the caravan inched along a 90 kilometre route at 20km/h to get their message against potholes, depleted surfaces and poor repairs heard, slowly picking up fellow supporters as they crawled through the succession of counties.

According to the mayor of Barrancos, the initiative intended to warn the government “that there is no chance of reviving or living in the interior” if there is no “decent access or good accessibility”.

“This is decades of neglect. This is a problem that is not exclusive to Barrancos, but all along the border with Spain”, the Barrancos Mayor slammed, adding the state of the region’s roads “penalises us a lot because we are far from everything” and “every day” it faces great difficulties “to attract tourists or to establish companies that, later down the line, cannot distribute their products”.

The people of Barrancos “feel scorned for being isolated and unable to leave” the county “properly”, he said, reiterating: “The fact that we are remote and have few people does not mean we do not have the same rights as the rest of Portugal”.


Este é um local de culto
que um criador inculto,
tornou mais estulto.
Local onde indulto
um qualquer insulto
que tenha ficado insepulto.
Por isso faculto
que criança ou adulto,
não em tumulto
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E mesmo que seja um vulto
com áurea, não dificulto
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a um jurisconsulto.
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e sempre por isto portugal não tem trabalhos!
sempre pobreza!
sempre uma economia vaporizada!
sempre tudos comer na sopas dos pobres!
um lugar inculto = portugal!!!
Ajuda porque nosso goberno
Fascista e Colonial do
Antonio Costa não sabe nada!
Abaixo Portugal Colonial sempre!!

By Carlos Miguel Marracho from Alentejo on 08-05-2020 01:58

This is typical of the Portugal news output. You have just done a report- I use that term very loosely- on how brilliant the roads in Portugal are! And yet here you are reporting on a story that condemns Portuguese roads without any reference to you previous report.
Are you guys for real.
Are you lot journalists or simply cutting and pasting stories from other sources without any research!

By Raymond Lehky from Lisbon on 01-04-2019 01:21
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