The Cortes de Cima 2013 was considered the best dry white wine in the Vinalies Internationales competition held in Paris.
The Cortes de Cima wine farm, owned by a Danish-American couple (Hans and Carrie), planted the first grapes in 1991 and has gone from strength-to-strength since and is currently one of Portugal’s best-selling wine brands.
It was also the wine with the highest overall score of the entire competition, of all wines in all categories, including reds.
Some 3,500 wines from 40 different countries were tasted in the event and were spread over seven categories.
The winning Portuguese wine is made by the seaside in Milfontes and retails for around 10 euros in stores in Portugal, but is not as readily available as its cousin, Chaminé white, which sells for around 5 euros, while its third and final white, the Sauvignon Blanc is comparable in price to the three-cast Cortes de Cima.
Within a day of the news, which The Portugal News published on Tuesday, Cortes de Cima said that it had sold out of all its stock of the award-winning wine.
Held by the Union des Enologues de France, the 2014 edition brought together samples from all the world’s wine regions. The task given to each panel of judges composed of seven professionals is to give each sample a score and a tasting note. After the individual blind tasting, the President of the Panel records the notes in real time and, if necessary, there is a debate to come to a general consensus