Algarve air bridge for UK tourists?

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Reports today are indicating that the UK Government will allow regional travel corridors in COVID-free areas without needing to quarantine on return.

The list of countries exempt from UK quarantine is due to be reviewed on Monday, July 27, and according to the Telegraph, it might include regional air bridges, which could see the Algarve, Madeira and the Azores included, while areas such as Lisbon will still be blacklisted.

If you disagree with the decision of the UK Government to continue to leave Portugal off the air bridge list, then click here to find details on how to sign a petition and lobby UK ministers.

WHO and Worldometer Data for each country for confirmed cases per week.


Week ending 29/6/20 - 2380 cases

Week ending 6//7/20 - 2652 cases

Week ending 13/7/20 - 2169 cases

Week ending 20/7/20 - 760 cases

On 760 cases that is roughly 7.6 per 100,000 infection rate.

The Algarve is roughly 3 per 100,000 now.


Week ending 29/6/20 - 2589 cases

Week ending 6//7/20 - 4590 cases

Week ending 13/7/20 - 9016 cases

Week ending 20/7/20 - 8865 cases

On 8865 cases that is roughly 18.7 per 100,000 infection rate.


The ONS last figures for England is estimated at 2,800 new cases per day or 19,600 per week for the week ending 20/7/20 and also states that the current infection rate is 5.2 per 100,000.

As such the Algarve is less than England and the whole of Portugal is just above England with the most telling factor being that Spain is on and Portugal off even though Spain has a rising infection rate over the last three weeks and Portugal has declined.

As such Portugal is now 7.6 per 100,000 and Spain is 18.7 per 100,000 infection rate.


I have been going to portugal for years , iam booked to go back there very soon i would love portugal to be included , i would so disaponted if i cant go.

By Sheila linnell from UK on 25-07-2020 12:56

We have just returned from Albufeira in the Algarve after more than five months there and it was the safest place to be. The President jumped on the situation closing all amenities incl beaches right from the start in March and everyone had to wear masks. There was no food shortages and people were patient and understanding keeping the social distance at all times. Now we are having to quarantine and I just don't understand the reasoning behind it????? Boris got this all wrong and we can't wait to get back to Portugal away from all the mess in the UK.

By Deborah parkes from UK on 24-07-2020 05:08

I forgot to mention on my recent comment that I have
sent my local MP an email of complaint about it as well
as I feel Portugal is being wronged!

By Joy crosby from UK on 24-07-2020 04:35

On our news here today it says Portugal has been left off again, I am so angry about it ????????

By Joy crosby from UK on 24-07-2020 04:06

that makes alot of sense why punish the whole country when its particular areas that are still having issues. Similar to the approach here with local lockdowns

By Sharon Davis from UK on 24-07-2020 07:21

Hopping they will include Coimbra or Porto ..I'll be over the moon if regional parts of Portugal would be included..can't wait till Monday listen grant shapps given the air bridges,but hope won't be an fake hoppes for every one

By joe santos from UK on 23-07-2020 08:00

With the restrictions in place currently there is no way the Carvoeiro area at least could cope with the influx of tens of thousands of UK tourists. To park within a km of most beaches is impossible. There are crowds nearly everywhere.

By Michael Hill from Algarve on 23-07-2020 06:11
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