Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of a conference bringing together 260 climate specialists in Faro, Miguel Miranda noted that although the phenomenon is not new, "it's practically a novelty" for the Algarve, "which is still in a drought situation" - unlike the rest of the country, even the Alentejo.

"We've started to have a situation for which we're probably not yet fully prepared. We're going to have to put solutions in place that aren't built instantly", he defended, stressing that we need to "act quickly".

He called for "calm" in order to face this phenomenon, which is becoming more and more frequent, and he also asked for organisational capacity so that the impact of climate change on people's lives is as minimal as possible.

"There will probably be more rigorous management of water resources in regions with less water," he said.

Miguel Miranda noted that the beginning of a new cycle of drought, already with a water deficiency at the outset, may bring increased problems, which will require "an understanding among all those who are capable of acting.

According to the geophysicist, climate change "is a statistic" and the climate will not change overnight. "All models point to an increase in drought in the latitudes in which Portugal finds itself", particularly in the South.