In Lagos, every year on 29 August, the municipality organizes cultural activities, being the main activity the bath at midnight and the firework show. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, Seabooking presented “a new concept to celebrate this day: the first edition of the Algarve Boat Festival. One stage, several dance floors. About the sea. Physical distance and open-air guaranteed”, said the organization in a press release.

For the first edition, the headliner will be the DJ Pete Tha Zouk, but it will also be possible to dance to the sound of DJ Astrella and Carlos Glória Sax.

The artists will perform on the stage boat, however, “this boat will not have costumer on board, only organization.” The ones who want to go “can join in their boat, either rented or their boat.”

Algarve Boat Festival is supported by the Municipality of Lagos and the Marina de Lagos. In the Marina will offer “the night after the festival for boats from other marinas.” Port of Lagos Captaincy will enforce the Contingency Plan to ensure the safety of the event.

The show starts at 3:30 pm, in front of Praia da Dona Ana and will last for three hours. Tickets are available online, through the festival website or email, or from official partners.

The festival will be hosted by live streaming on the Municipality’s Facebook page “for those who are unable to be physically present.”

The organization expects “dozens of vessels to participated”, but reminds that there is a limit of capacity that must be respected.