It was great to see so many of you there. What a fantastic weekend we have had, the atmosphere was fantastic, a great meeting place for all of those involved in animal welfare and also a great place to meet new friends.

There were a total of 115 dogs registered for the show over the weekend (an increase from last year). Thank you to Colin Cummins for being our main show judge this year and to Gail Skinner for judging best recall and the Big Sit. Unfortunately Colin had to leave us haçf way through Sunday due to hurting his back – we wish him a speedy recovery. A massive thank you to Karla from EUROPET TRANSPORT for stepping in and judging the last classes of the day.

This years Best in Show for Saturday was Fly and Best in Show for Sunday was Safira. Congratulations to our Best in Show winners who won lots of goodies a pet portrait from Leanne Byrom.

Congratulations to all our other winners.

A big thank you to all who attended, together we managed to raise 1766€ for this years charity Coração100dono and it will go straight towards the charities bill with the vets.

There are so many people who came together to give their time to make this possible – Colin and Gail thank you again for being our judges. Debora from GIVE ME the PAW and Wendy for running the ring – and keeping us entertained!! Leanne Byrom who did all the photographs. They are available at online to view at:-

Thank you to our vets for their continued support – Rui and Paula from Clinica Veterinaria de Vilamoura. Thank you to Nadia for running registration. A big thank you to Regina my right hand woman for all her help with set up and take down.

This year we were able to provide a full programme of not only dog classes but also fantastic dog trainers. All these trainers have dogs trained to do different ranges of things but all use POSITIVE training methods. Thank you to the team from GIVE ME the PAW and Awesome-Dogs.

The goal for the Algarve Dog Show is to provide a fun event while raising much needed funds for charities, but also to provide an event where the charities can come to show people who they are and to show dogs that are up for adoption. This year resulted in several adoptions for the charities attending. Thank you to the charities for their support of the event.

Thank you also to the exhibitors and show sponsors who help make the show possible and help raise money for the charities. Thank you also to the Portugal News who help us make this possible. The biggest thank you goes Sonia from the Portugal News who helped me organise this event.

We at Paws 4 Pets would like to thank everyone who made this possible. We really enjoyed this years Algarve Dog Show and we will be back next year with more exciting things for you. Paws 4 Pets 917 152 209 / 916 273 376