This year, for the first time, the Algarve is the chosen stage to host the complex canine sport modality that involves three rigorous disciplines: pistol, obedience and protection.

Some of the best national examples of Belgian Shepherd Malinois, German Shepherd and Boxer dogs will test all their intelligence, dexterity, smell, agility and courage in close harmony with their handlers and trainers. The Algarve hosts for the first time on 22 and 23 February, the Portuguese Cup of IGP, a canine sport modality that tests dogs and their handlers in three disciplines: pistol, obedience and protection. This type of "canine triathlon" is intended to test mental stability, endurance, courage, physical and mental dexterity, the capacity for olfactory discrimination, the willingness to work, as well as the training capacity and quality of the dog.

This event is organized by Clube Português de Canicultura with the support of Iron Dog Algarve and is governed by the regulations of the Fédération Cynologique Internacional (FCI). In each of the three disciplines, the binomial (dog-handler) starts the competition with 100 points (300 in total) that are progressively “discounted” depending on the mistakes or failures made during the race. For the binomial to qualify, a minimum of 70 points must be obtained in each of the subjects.

The competition starts on Saturday, 22 February, at 8:15am, with the pistol discipline on the grounds of Quinta do Mel, municipality of Albufeira, and continue in the afternoon with the adaptation training in field number 2 of the Estádio do Algarve, between 2pm and 5.30pm. At 8pm the annual convivial dinner is held between the participants at the Quinta do Mel restaurant. On Sunday, the competition starts again at field number 2 of the Algarve stadium, at 8.30am, with the discipline of obedience and continue in the afternoon with the discipline of defence. The award ceremony is scheduled to take place around 5pm.

The IGP Cup of Portugal event serves mainly to determine the 2020 National Champion, the winner of the Cup, and awards the prizes for Best Track, Best Obedience and Best Defence in competition, the title of Rookie of the Year, the Race Award, and serves as a selective to determine the best binomials to represent Portugal in the FCI IGP World Championship, which this year takes place in Apeldoorn, in the Netherlands.

The event will also include tests of sociability (TS) and BH (Begleithund). The sociability test (TS) consists of a test consisting of a set of exercises that aim to measure the good temperament and character of a dog, as well as its ability to live in society. The BH (Begleithund) test, on the other hand, consists of an internationally recognized exam where, above all, the driver's control over his dog is privileged, through the execution of a set of obedience exercises as well as his socialization through interactions with people and other dogs.

The evidence will be filed by two Portuguese judges, Júlio Silva and Cláudia Miranda. The event is free to enter, counts on the company TIBI animal nutrition as the main sponsor, and the organization hopes to attract enough public to promote and publicize the sport even more in the southern area, which has only one pair to compete in the competition. For more information, interested parties can contact 966092964 or visit the pages or