Algarve hotel staff unions petition for higher salaries

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The Algarve hotel staff trade union will press ahead with a petition to demand an increase in the salaries of some 60,000 workers in the region, the union's regional coordinator told Lusa Wednesday.

The decision to move forward with a petition was taken on Tuesday, considering that tourism has achieved in recent years "successive historical records, but the working and living conditions of most workers in the sector have deteriorated.

Speaking to Lusa, the coordinator of the Algarve union of hotel and catering industry workers (STIHTRSA), Tiago Jacinto, said that "the degradation of the quality of life of workers, due to low wages "is generating growing discontent and demotivation" of thousands of employees.

"The stagnation or reduction of income, the increase in instability, the deregulation of schedules, the intensification of work rhythms, the increase in repression and harassment, the increasing limitation to the exercise of individual and collective rights has discouraged workers, which is reflected in the quality of service provided," he said.

According to the union leader, it's estimated that this year "more than 50% of workers" will receive the national minimum wage of €635 euros.

"What we want is for the bosses to distribute fairly among the workers the wealth created by their efforts, after several years of freezing and reducing wages," he said.

Tiago Jacinto also mentioned that the union intends to sign a collective labor contract with owners’ association AHETA, regretting that "it has not yet been possible to find a date for negotiations to begin".

Another owners’ association AIHSA, says it can only give an increase of less than one euro per day," he said.

He went on to say that "it is regrettable and unacceptable that employers do not take the slightest account of the needs of workers and their families and the damage they are doing to the economic and social development of the region and the country".

The Algarve's hotel trade union intends to collect as many signatures as possible, "as a way for workers to demonstrate their discontent and demand that the Government and bosses improve working conditions and restore the purchasing power lost in recent years".


Ok people, this is only my opinion.

Let's be fair in this assessment, foreigners and tourists tip well. We are from Portugal and when we visit Algarve or any other establishment in any country even in Portugal we believe in generosity for hospitality and restaurant staff.

Why is this not part of Portuguese culture? The staff in these institutions or establishments wake up early, leave late and sometimes work double shifts.

They deserve better remuneration.

By Rodwell van Wyk from Other on 16-01-2020 10:25
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