The announcement of the Algarve Intermunicipal Community (AMAL) was made in a statement, after a meeting that brought together representatives of the 16 municipalities in the region and heads of the Regional Health Administration (ARS) of the Algarve and the Hospital Center of the University of Algarve (CHUA ) to take stock of the evolution of the pandemic, contextualised AMAL.
The Algarve municipalities were available to “help in whatever they can to meet any needs in the fight against Covid-19” and, in this context, decided to “acquire 30 more ventilators to add to the almost 60 that CHUA had already programmed it”, said AMAL.
These ventilators will allow, according to AMAL, “to practically triple the installed capacity in the region”.
The same source pointed out that the chairman of the ARS do Algarve board of directors, Paulo Morgado, and the chairman of the CHUA board of directors, Ana Paula Gonçalves, said that the hospitals in Faro and Portimão advanced towards the “creation of specific care services in the emergency rooms of the two hospitals and in the primary care health units ”, for the“implementation of teleconsultations” and for the“reduction of the number of non-urgent surgeries”.
“In this context, they again appealed to the need to sensitise populations to reduce travel to health services to the essential, stressing that 80 percent of the population infected by the new coronavirus will not need hospital care, since they are expected to have mild symptoms that can be treated from home ”, considered AMAL.
The regional health authorities are now with their main “concern” focused on “the remaining 20 percent” of the infected population, “who will need increased care”, he stressed, adding that “5 percent of the total of those infected will need ventilation” .
”Collaboration with private health units has also been articulated, in order to fill possible equipment or accommodation needs of patients with other pathologies, because, at this stage, all patients with Covid-19 will be treated at the National Health Service” .
The mayors also expressed their intention to “make every effort possible to increase logistical means” at the disposal of CHUA and left a “public thanks for all the effort and dedication shown by all health professionals in this fight” to the Covid-19 pandemic.
On the other hand, the municipalities reinforced the appeals to the population of the Algarve to reduce social contacts and “assume, in their habits and behaviours, the recommendations of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS)”, in order to stop the expansion of the pandemic.