Hiking, boating, bird watching, diving, stand up paddle and mountain biking are some of the activities that are part of the Algarve Nature Fest, a festival entirely dedicated to nature tourism, promoted by the Algarve Tourism Region (RTA) in partnership with the municipality of Olhão from 21 to 22 September at Passeio Ribeirinho de Olhão.

‘Treat nature for yourself’ is the signature of this event that has dozens of activities at sea, on the river or on land for adults and children, all free, some with mandatory prior registration. In addition to the main programme, there is also a set of complementary activities for all who pass through the area of animation and exhibition set up in Passeio Ribeirinho de Olhão.

The Algarve Nature Fest aims to promote the natural charms of the region, but also to make participants aware of the importance of protecting and conserving the biological and landscape diversity of the Algarve region. For this reason, on the morning of the 21 September there will be an initiative in the market of producers of the Municipal Market of Olhão that will call for the reduction of the use of plastic by offering reusable shopping bags to visitors.

The event, which is an evolution of the Algarve Nature Week concept, is presented in this edition with very special ambassadors: Nuno Markl, Vasco Palmeirim and Joana Schenker, who star in the promotional film that takes the duo of presenters and the world body board champion on a humorous adventure through the nature of the Algarve.

“Algarve Nature Fest is part of a set of projects that the RTA has been organising and supporting in recent years, in order to affirm the region in other areas of interest, changing consumption patterns and the distribution of demand throughout the year and the territory” says João Fernandes, president of RTA.

RTA’s strategic partners in the event are Olhão City Council, CP – Comboios de Portugal, PSP and the Directorate General of School Establishments – Algarve.