Algarve oranges going international

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An association of citrus operators wants to give a taste of the Algarve orange on TAP flights, hotels and international fairs, in a project for the internationalisation of citrus fruits in the Algarve.

The project, which will run until August 2021, aims to expand the dissemination of Algarve orange in foreign markets where citrus fruit is most sold, such as Spain, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Canada, said Sílvia Neves, vice president of the Algarve Citrus Operators Association (AlgarOrange),

One of the plans being prepared in conjunction with TAP, is to carry out orange tests on flights to countries identified as target markets, or at airports, as well as introducing oranges in the catering of long-haul flights, such as to Canada.

On the other hand, the association wants to create synergies with Turismo do Algarve in order to, together with hotel owners, "get tastings, give fruits to the tourist, for the end consumer to recognise the product as a calling card of the Algarve, besides the sun and beach", said Sílvia Neves.

According to Pedro Valadas Monteiro, the Algarve's regional director for agriculture and fisheries, the previous Algarve orange harvest resulted in production of 340,000 tonnes, although currently only around 20 percent is for export, a figure that he considers "clearly insufficient" compared to other fruit and vegetable production in the country.

He recalled that in 2002, the area dedicated to citrus fruit production reached its peak in the Algarve, with 18,000 hectares - 3,000 more than the current area - although production was lower (around 220,000 tonnes), an increase in productivity that he attributes to the use of technology and the modernisation of orchards.

"We need more organisation among producers in order to gain scale", he said, noting that the "first major challenge is the organisation of the sector", which must be accompanied by work in partnership with tour operators, allowing "local production" to be incorporated into Portuguese hotels.


Oranges from the algarve without doubt, the absolute best in the world. Extremely juicy and sweet. Have never understood why we do not import them to the UK.

By C lawton from UK on 11-07-2020 10:58

We just came back from spending more than a month in Portugal’s Algarve.

In addition to the friendly people, fine off-season weather and wonderful off the beaten path places to explore, the Algarve’s oranges were the highlight of our trip.

It can be said that they are sweeter than Adeline (as in the song), and just one orange from the Algarve can make over a quart of orange juice, no water added.

We’ll be back for more next year.

Nick Wolochatiuk & Juliet Gill
Ingleside, Ontario, Canada

By Nick Wolochatiuk from Other on 22-03-2020 02:33

What about uk market please

By John Davies from UK on 15-12-2019 09:03

To bad for me that the United States is not on the list of Algarve orange export nations. In the U.S. we have California and Florida oranges and they are excellent. But I bet the Algarve oranges are just as good.
I would like to try some. I eat about 2 to 3 oranges every day.
Send some oranges to San Diego. San Diego is a great test market city. It always has been a great city to test a product.
Oh well!

By Marc J Moniz from USA on 12-12-2019 03:51
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