Algarve registers the biggest daily leap in new Covid cases

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On Saturday the Algarve registered the biggest daily leap in new Covid cases since the start of the pandemic.

Saturday’s figures from the Directorate General for Health indicated a rise from 10 to 37 new confirmed cases in the Algarve in 24 hours.

An outbreak among the Louletano football team is partly being held responsible for the surge, in which a total 33 athletes and members of the technical team tested positive.


To Marco for information

UK has biggest Population Density and largest global serving Hub (Heathrow) in Europe ... a little late on Lockdown and with poorest PPE supply chain .... no planning before current Government took charge (December 2019). ... and a British Press and Media highly ante Boris Johnson due Brexit being out to get him at every turn ... plus he caught Virus at worst time .. Despite that, objectively the UK Government has done almost as well as a rational unbiased observer might expect. Certainly Brits in UK have done far better fiscally than most Europeans .. yet to receive promised funding

However making comparisons is neither helpful nor meaningful. Portugal is lucky as it had time on its side from the beginning .. Yes the Government has done a good job .. but now like everywhere else it is the turn of the people. The Virus is alive and well and the better you have done the more targets it has to attack when it comes back with strength in the Winter. I live in Olhao where the figures banded about as being very low has led to a very relaxed Pandemic by most. The facts however are not known or discussed. There is however a large COVID area at our own Centro de Saude and a purpose one built at Faro Hospital.

Take care as you obviously do

By Peter Maclean from Algarve on 02-09-2020 12:49

No wonder the numbers have gone up......the UK tourists brought Covid with them and then didn't respect our rules

By Penelope McCall from Algarve on 01-09-2020 02:59

We see in two weeks if was a football team...
UK bridge should be closed ASAP.
We live in Portimao, and 8 out 10 people are walking around without mask or any social distancing, 4 out of ten wear a mask on their elbow....and 6 out 10 are tourists
which half of them probably from UK, and other country.
Algarve had few cases....but UK is the most affected in Europe....why the governments open anyway? They care more about economy then safety of their people. SICK.
British, Portuguese, Italian doesn't matter....RESPECT AND SAFETY FIRST.
WEAR A F****G MASK!!!!

By Marco from Algarve on 01-09-2020 09:51

The only reason there is an increase is that Footy teams get tested.
Very many people in the Algarve will be positive but have zero symptoms - that is the nature of this virus.
All the "statistics" being quoted are meaningless.

By Michael Pass from Algarve on 31-08-2020 07:29

So its aLoule football team that's created latest surge on Algarve-,33 cases out of daily total of 35- so its NOT influx of tourists bringing infection in !!!!!

By Anthony Foxwell from UK on 31-08-2020 03:09

Quand je dis que le gouvernement portugais a fait passer l'économie au détriment du sanitaire...

By Michel Schuermans from Algarve on 31-08-2020 12:36

Indeed, busy holiday months have that effect.

By Annie from Algarve on 31-08-2020 11:25

Scam demic still being pushed hard on the Portuguese people?
No protests mean the government will push and push the people harder. People have to push back or they're going to suffer like Kiwis and Aussies. Don't tread on me.. look up what it means.

By Paula from Algarve on 31-08-2020 11:10
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