“We went from 50 percent to 63 percent in three days, which means an increase of around 13 percent. Although it’s not just an increase in the British market, the British market has a substantially large weight,” João Soares, head of the AHP in the Algarve told Lusa.

In the opinion of João Soares, also director of Hotel Dom José, in Quarteira (Loulé), “in the same way that the British market has influenced other markets negatively, now it ends up influencing the market positively, because by coming to the Algarve this helps to give confidence to tourists from other countries and markets in northern Europe.

The regional leader of the association, which represents more than 60 percent of national hotels, said that after the reopening of the air corridor with the United Kingdom, entrepreneurs are waiting for Ireland to make the same decision.

“With the Irish being our second market in the middle/lower season, it is very important that they make the same decision as the United Kingdom,” he said.

João Soares believes that there will be a significant increase in reservations in the British market for the month of September: “I have no doubt that this can happen, because Spain is closed and the British people need to travel, they need to leave”.

“It’s not an increase that solves the region’s problems, of course, because the majority of the hotels are between 50 percent and 70 percent below last year, but it will certainly help to mitigate, at least, the closure of the hotels already in September by extending this decision to October or November,” he stressed.

According to João Soares, this year’s prices in the Algarve “are and will continue to be lower than in previous years due to low occupancy”, maintaining the rates that were in force at the time of the UK’s decision to exempt travellers from quarantine.

“The price only increases when the demand is higher than the supply and the availability that exists, the prices have not increased and will continue to be much lower than in 2019”, he concluded.