Algarve will be ready for tourist this summer

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The president of Algarve Tourism maintains that the region is ready and prepared to receive tourists to the area for summer holidays.

In a statement the head of tourism highlights that golf courses, marinas and some hotels are already open and that special measures are in place at Faro airport.

João Fernandes, President of Algarve Tourism said: “The country was quick to adopt preventive measures and extensive testing at an early stage to mitigate the spread of the pandemic, and as a result we have had much fewer cases than other European countries. Furthermore, the Algarve is one of the least affected regions in Portugal, and so we are now in a position to carefully plan a gradual reopening of its economic and social activity”.

Already, golf courses, marinas and car hire businesses are open with strict health protocols in place and over a third of hotels in the region are open with the tourism board expecting this to rise to 75 percent in June and most to be open in July.

The ATA maintains that beaches will open in June, with health regulations and procedures in place, that restaurants will open on 18 May with 50 percent capacity restrictions and that water parks will open in June and July.

João Fernandes says that “As a result of a large effort by the national authorities, public and private sector agents in the region to define the best practices in terms of safety and security, the Algarve is ready to restart its tourist activity. Sector agents in the region are strongly committed to reopening their businesses in a gradual, responsible and safe manner.”

With regards to other key attractions in the region Zoomarine will open in June, Slide & Splash mid-June and Aquashow water park in July. The parks capacity will however be reduced with compulsory use of masks in closed areas (restaurants, stores).

The tourism board highlights that those using Faro airport will find measures in place upon arriva which aim to ensure the protection of passengers and staff. These include temperature measurement at arrivals, hand sanitizers at all points of the terminals, signage and disclosure of the use of a mask at the terminal, warnings for the need for extra hygiene care and the need for physical distance; installation of personal protections in service counters (acrylic and glass), reinforcement of cleaning of spaces and equipment with hospital-level disinfectants and use of UV equipment, among other measures.

Fernandes said: “The priority now is to guarantee visitors, workers and residents in general that their safety is our first concern. In this sense, the Algarve is very well prepared, as attested by the rapid adhesion of companies to the “Clean & Safe” seal.

“From yesterday the Algarve a had had 271 hotels, 176 tourist entertainment companies and 177 travel agencies, duly certified by this initiative of Turismo de Portugal, who pioneered this worldwide. We are also finalising a Manual of Good Practices “Algarve Clean & Safe”, a document complementary to the seal and that gathers all the specific operating measures for the different tourist activities, in accordance with the rules of the General Directorate of Health and existing international guidelines, which should be presented at the end of this week. ”

The question of the reopening of borders and the resumption of air traffic is the main factor that still remains undefined and that prevents the return of tourist activity in full.

“This is an issue that obviously affects many countries, not just Algarve. All major European tourist destinations are keenly awaiting the EU guidelines on this matter. However, the Algarve has received some positive signs. Several international airlines and tour operators are showing great interest in restarting their operations for the region, some of which already have information on their websites and are taking holiday reservations” concluded Fernandes.


I live and work in Algarve. There are people arriving by aircraft in Faro, not being checked on their passport, nor being checked on temperature or medical condition.

This ... is NOT a good start of reopening borders.

By Bill from Algarve on 19-05-2020 10:18

So here's the deal. All beaches will be fitted out with traffic lights. A green light means access ok, red wait. Hand sanitizers compulsory and available at the beach entrance, compulsory wearing of sandals or shoes. Social distance 1,5 between towels and 3 meters between umbrellas. Surfer schools are allowed on the beach for two hours per day maximum, pack up and leave after the lessons.

Questions that remain unanswered (by authorities) are:
-how does a life guard resuscitate an unconscious tourist (from a high risk area)
-what is the maximum number of bathers on a beach.
-is there a maximum time you can stay on the beach.

Restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, are places to avoid. Bars are said to close after 10pm. A two week quarantine upon returning home.

The director of the Algarve tourism board says Portugal is ready. Yes, they have put some guidelines in place for hotel and restaurant owners to consider. The 'Safe&Clean' seal you can get for free after you tick a few boxes on the PT tourism website. So yes, something has been done. But claiming that Portugal is really ready remains a question at large. The country needs money, yes, tourism is suffering yes. But is the healthcare system ready?
The healthcare system in Portugal is absolutely not ready.

If you sum it all up it might be better to stay home. And prevent yet another breakout. Opening the borders (for tourism ) now is like playing Russian Roulette.

STAY HOME, Portugal is NOT ready.

By Bill from USA on 16-05-2020 01:20

Yes, by all means, let´s bring in tourists here, without testing through planes with recirculated air. American Airlines in the USA indicated over 50% of their flight attendants had the virus. Look at the real situation, plane flights are still canceling, borders are still closed, people have not been working, no testing before boarding a flight, and areas where people are allowed to congregate, the pandemic numbers spread and possible 14-day quarantines before and after. We are asking for more shutdowns. These reports come from tourism boards who miss their income and not looking out for the greater good of the people or their workers. In other countries, they are telling people to vacation in their own country. If you look at this realistically, discretionary income for most people in other countries is gone, with high unemployment and mounting debts. This is just greed by the Algarve Tourism board and will undo much of what has been accomplished here in Portugal.

By Helena M von Schuler from Algarve on 15-05-2020 10:45

kan ik voor december boeken voor monto gordo

By riek wesseling from Other on 15-05-2020 07:42

Answer to Catty from Algarve. Please think before yoy write. Even if restrictions has been mild compared to the other countries does not mean Portugal have a shorter distance to lift restrictions. Respect to the Portugiuese people who accept us who move from all over to Portugal. We do not have the right to critizise. Reason or get the hell out of Portugal!!

By Brat by birth from Algarve on 14-05-2020 11:19

I look forward to going on the waterslide with my mask tucked into my trunks ready to go for a snack in the cafe. Hope the water does not make it fall apart

By Michael Scott from Algarve on 14-05-2020 11:14

Can`t wait to go back to Algarve and my villa. Would go today if possible. Almost no corona in Norway and almost no corona in Algarve = Good match! ????

By Stig Norheim from Other on 14-05-2020 10:40

I had already booked for the Algarve long before all the madness began. It would be awesome to able to get out there, but everyone needs to feel safe, dont they? What will be will be I guess.

By MATTHEW BOND from UK on 14-05-2020 09:33

A very informative and helpful article considering there has been little news in the UK on Portugal recently. I am hoping to return to my home there as soon as possible after leaving on the 24th March to return to the UK, believing that was the best option for me at that time , a decision I have come to regret. The Portuguese government seem to have made all the right decisions to protect the population from infection and the residents in turn have strictly adhered to the lockdown rules, which is sadly not the case in the UK. I do have residency in Portugal but travel between there and the UK for family reasons.

By Caroline Brownlie from UK on 14-05-2020 02:15

It's not going to work out well. Jobs are important but personal health and well being of family members have priority. Masks are useless when people come to party and feel entitled to have friendly service all day / night. The craziness started well before the government declared "state of emergency".
They should give the Portuguese nationals and residents at least one season to come together as one country before opening up to the rest of the world again.
The friction and anxiety will be palpable. Shame.

By Paula from Algarve on 14-05-2020 12:36

What about any quarantine, both ways?

By KelvinWhittaker from Algarve on 14-05-2020 10:18

Are you crazy? Death over profits? Shame.

By Constance Houck from Algarve on 13-05-2020 07:45

Fantastic, can’t wait to visit Portugal

By Sandy Dinis from UK on 13-05-2020 07:45

Thankful for that we have not soo much Covid in Algarve, for the moment, but how are you thinking about the future?? This has been an isolated area, but when it opens due to economic demands?? What will happen soon ?
And do you really think tourists /inhabitants will come along and wear face masks at restaurants ? No one will go there...We who live here would not even think of going to a restaurant with that restrictions. And the difficult could it be?? Why can we not just sunbath on a cliff, go into the water? We will leave this country asap

By Catty from Algarve on 13-05-2020 07:08

I'm from Ireland and I stayed in Villamoura last year and Albuferia several times(old town),so I'm delighted to see you are soon opening up for business and would hope to be there, somewhere I can get a good hotel deal,at the end of August /September

By Noel Powell from Other on 13-05-2020 06:43

It would be lovely if the Algarve will be open to tourists this summer as I own an apartment there and would like to come over not just for a holiday but also to pay my taxes etc

By Paul Broadley from UK on 13-05-2020 06:28
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