A protocol to implement an Intermunicipal Plan for Road Safety in the Algarve was signed in Faro with a view to improving the EN125’s unwanted title.
According to newspaper Correio da Manhã a number of dignitaries and government representatives were at the signing, including the State Secretary for Home Affairs Jorge Gomes.
Between 2010 and 2015, 66 people have lost their lives in accidents on the EN125.
Meanwhile, the National Road Safety Authority has revealed that the number of fatalities on Portuguese roads during the first five months of the year has fallen by 20 percent in relation to the same period last year.
While the number of fatalities dropped from 199 to 159, traffic collisions were up seven percent.
The Algarve also followed this trend, with road deaths reduced by around a third on last year, while accidents with serious injuries were down ten percent, but the perception of danger on the region’s roads, especially on the EN125 was underlined by the fact that collisions resulting in minor or no injuries rose by 350 to just over 3,600 during the first five months of 2016.