The landmark event that captures the heart of the Algarve and opens its doors to natives and expats alike, took place over the weekend in Lagoa. On the 8 and 9 of June, thousands of visitors passed through the Fatacil gates, where they were greeted by the hundreds of charities, businesses and entertainers making up the human fabric of the fairground.

Those who were fortunate enough to have been in Lagoa, discovered more than just an event, having instead witnessed a bustling community of people brought together by their affection for this Southern Portuguese region which the community has come to embrace for more than a decade.

Over the course of the weekend, bathed by the signature Algarvian weather, the Mary Poppins-like picture was only enhanced by the sounds of children laughing, pets strolling about, cotton candy perfuming the air, and a ubiquitous joy in everyone’s eyes.

But the International Algarve Fair is more than just fun and games, with it being the centre stage for the development of serious business. With over a dozen charities present, it also functions as a platform to connect the attending community with those who need it the most. Also, in the gastronomic section, the selection of restaurants and drinks specialists contributed to the delight of every palate and refreshment of everyone in sight.

Moreover, 2019 also marked a very successful year for businesses at the International Algarve Fair, who saw their participation rewarded with some very meaningful exchanges with those in attendance.

Capturing the utter success of the event, David Thomas, President of Safe Communities Portugal, said that 2019 was the ‘busiest International Algarve Fair ever’, and added that his stand ‘received nearly 100 enquiries concerning the Emergency Medical card’.

Thomas concluded by extending, on behalf of his team, ‘thanks to the great work of Sónia and her team from The Portugal News in organising this great event. Well done!’.

Make sure to look out for a full report on the International Algarve Fair coming soon in The Portugal News.