"We are now heading for the north of the country, in what is the last tour of 2019. Throughout the year, we travelled through Portugal from north to south, passing through the islands. Since January 2018, 14 tours have already been carried out, more than 20 trips, with the Executive Committee of Altice Portugal covering more than 15,000 kilometres", Fonseca said.

According to data from the operator, "4.9 million homes are already covered by state-of-the-art optical fibre, and Altice Portugal is less than 10% away from achieving the goal of 5.3 million homes, 27,000 places, 308 municipalities and more than 3 million kilometres of fibre, which will make Portugal the first country in Europe with practically full coverage of optical fibre".

"In 2019 alone, Altice Portugal has already made a number of investments in infrastructure in the historic villages of Portugal, in the central massif of the Serra da Estrela, in Alto Alentejo, in Guarda and Meda, having also presented the project 100% fibre, already guaranteeing full coverage of over 100 parishes in the country”.

In addition to the investment protocols to be established with the four municipalities of Alto Minho, under the "social responsibility actions" Altice Portugal will offer "tablets" to school groups in Caminha and Ponte de Lima to "create equal opportunities for all young people, thus contributing to the construction of the information society and access to information and communication technologies".