With the renewal of this partnership, Altice Portugal will continue to give the ‘name’ of what is considered the largest theatre in the country and one of the 10 largest in Europe.

“Today we celebrate here the continuation of the partnership,” the CEO of Altice Portugal, Alexandre Fonseca, said before the signature of the renovation, which took place at the headquarters of the telecommunications operator in Lisbon.

Alexandre Fonseca said the full and permanent coverage of 5G from this moment in the Altice Arena, which will allow that all those who have a mobile phone of the fifth generation can enjoy this technology.

The manager pointed out that Altice Arena is one of the first concert halls in Europe to be covered with 5G.

In other words, the 5G technology is permanent in Altice Arena, although with temporary frequencies kindly provided by the National Communications Authority (Anacom) for testing purposes.

This is because the attribution of licenses should occur between June and August of next year, according to the regulator’s proposal.
The marketing of 5G services in Portugal is not available before the end of 2020, said Alexandre Fonseca, who has reiterated that the launch of this technology is delayed in the country.

To symbolically mark the launch of 5G in the Altice Arena, Altice Portugal made a fifth-generation mobile video call between the Picoas terrace and the Altice Arena.