After a meeting this morning with Anopcerco – the association of fisheries producers' organizations, José Apolinário told the Lusa agency that there was no agreement from fishermen on the government's proposal to limit catches to around 2,250 kilograms to the largest vessels and 1,125 kilograms to the smallest, but there was agreement on the fishing days that will be allowed, which will be three each week.

The closure of fishing, at the beginning of November, happened after the national quota was exhausted, but the rules of the Common Fisheries Policy allow the use of the quota for the next management period to be brought forward, discounting the quantity caught in excess from the quantity available for the second half of the year.

In January and February last year, according to the Secretary of State, there was a "great abundance" of anchovies and the anticipated use of the quota for the second half of 2019 was also used, as will happen this year.