Since its inauguration, the hospital has become a reference unit in the Algarve, continuously strengthening its commitment to excellence in human resources and the latest means of diagnostics and treatment.

“Throughout these seven years of activity, we have been strengthening our commitment to providing excellent care to the Algarve population. We have combined the hiring of excellent professionals with the continuous investment in top equipment and technology, as well as maintaining links with the various units of the Lusíadas Saúde group, providing an increasingly consolidated offer in the region” says André Pinto, Director General of Lusíadas Saúde Units in the Algarve.

“In addition to providing health care to the region´s inhabitants, this unit has been meeting the medical needs of thousands of tourists who visit the Algarve each year. The team of professionals in this unit has been developing works of excellence over the years and we believe that our dedication is the key to our success” he adds.

Lusíadas Saúde recently concluded a restructuring project in the region by hiring two new professionals to take over the clinical and nursing management of the units in the Algarve. Neurosurgeon Gonçalo Neto d´Almeida, with an international reputation and more than 20 years of experience, has taken over the clinical direction of the unit, while Nádia Barbosa, with 11 years of professional experience, is in charge of the nursing department.