António Costa defends education investment

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António Costa defends education investment

The Prime Minister has defended the importance of investing in Education to overcome the knowledge and qualification deficit that exists in Portugal, which he classified as “the country’s largest structural deficit”, stressing “there is life beyond the pandemic”.

While visiting the Polytechnics Institute of Cávado and Ave (IPCA), in Barcelos, the Prime Minister also welcomed the fact that this year there was “the biggest increase in new students ever” in higher education”, despite the “uncertainty” due to the pandemic crisis.

“We have to invest more in education. The country’s largest structural deficit over decades, or even centuries, is the deficit in knowledge and the qualification of human resources, that is the deficit we have to overcome”, he highlighted.

For António Costa, a country with good levels of qualification creates more competitive companies and better salaries, with the improvement of education being seen as the potential solution to many problems within the economy currently.


Education is to general word and produces crazy ideas like in America they have degrees in women studies and government makes jobs for them to hate males and country more. It is a matter of what education is teaching and focus to enhances the young person abilities and country.

In American Universities and Colleges taking Fed and state money teach Marxist values and anti Constitutional freedom as will as hate for parents values to life and Church. Be careful Marxist will distort your great history and make the young FEEL that have turn on you.

What happen in America education once was the best not it China schools are the hardest. Communist in education for they control government money and dictated what is going to be taught. Emotions rule over reasoning and what is true. Feeling matter not standards all this has taken place over many years of Union teachers and government discouraging males to go college. Today in America they have quotas of who can be in college NOT standards.

The colleges that do not take Government money you get rational education. Schools that get government money get Marxist thought brainwashing of hate.

Just be careful thinking education means something. In fact back in the 1970s so many people got degrees like in history and other subject yet they work for telephone company as line men. High school education to me is the most important time for not every one needs to go to college for liberal say that to have more time to brainwash young minds and create government jobs for socialist.

Do not make the mistake many parents made sending their children off to Government support education and they come back hating parents who pays the bill.

Just warning do not be fooled like in American believing public education is the answer when it NOT.

By Scott M. Bartley from USA on 25-10-2020 05:13
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